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7 Good Reasons to Use One

Over the last few years you have probably heard a lot about people using Online personal trainers to achieve their health and fitness goals. And with good reason.

Online personal training is one of the fastest-growing segments of the fitness industry. It's an effective way for clients to get the professional guidance, motivation and accountability of onsite personal training without the associated high cost and scheduling hassles.

This new mode of personal training was born out of two major client needs:  one — convenience; and two — cost savings.

Here are 7 good reasons for using an Online personal trainer:

Reason #1 for Using an Online Personal Trainer:   Time Independence - Workout Anytime You Want on Scheduled Workout Days

One of the main benefits of using an Online personal trainer is having the ability to workout whenever you want. Since you are not meeting with your personal trainer in person, you can perform your workout anytime on your scheduled workout days. This solves a common problem of having to pick time slots that fit both you and your trainer's busy schedules.

Reason #2 for Using an Online Personal Trainer:   Geography Independence - Workout Wherever You Want

When a trainee uses an Online personal trainer, he or she can workout wherever they want... the gym, at home or even on the road. It really doesn't matter. You simply login to your training account, view and print your workout and do the exercises. After your workout you can log back in and report your results. This provides an important feedback loop between trainer and trainee.

Reason #3 for Using an Online Personal Trainer:   Big Cost Savings - Especially Important in a Down Economy

According to the 2008 IDEA Personal Training Survey, the average price tag for one-on-one personal training is $58 per hour. Unfortunately most people cannot afford one on one personal training regardless of the state of the economy. However, at an estimated average of $67 per month nearly everyone can afford Online personal training, even in a recession. The real value of an Online personal trainer is that he or she provides nearly the same benefits of one on one personal training, but at a significant cost savings. It also eliminates the procrastinator's biggest excuse: "I can't afford a personal trainer".

Reason #4 for Using an Online Personal Trainer:   Accountability

The vast majority of people who want to lose weight or get fit need a coach to hold them accountable for "showing up" and for performing workouts correctly on a consistent basis. This is extremely important. Clients are far more likely to stick with an exercise program and ultimately achieve their goals when they have to answer to someone other than themselves.

Reason #5 for Using an Online Personal Trainer:   Most Trainees Won't Push Themselves Hard Enough to Make Regular Progress

I can't tell you how many times I've heard clients tell me they won't do weight workouts or cardio interval training because they don't like the feeling of pushing themselves hard. Each time I have to hide my smile. You see, that's what a good personal trainer does. He or she pushes you out of your exercise comfort zone so you can improve yourself. It's human nature to want to do as little as possible to get by. However, a good personal trainer will push a trainee to new heights of health and fitness. Of course this is important whether you use an Online personal trainer or an onsite trainer.

Reason #6 for Using an Online Personal Trainer:   Some People Feel Embarrassed or Intimidated by One-on-One Training

Some folks are just too proud or embarrassed to let someone else see how out of shape they are. They are fearful of being stared at or are otherwise intimidated by the in shape crowd. Online personal training solves these problems by providing a greater level of privacy, allowing clients to work at their own pace and in their environmental comfort zone (e.g. working out at home instead of a gym).

Reason #7 for Using an Online Personal Trainer:   Overall Value

Professional guidance, the convenience of working out wherever you want, whenever, at a fraction of the cost of onsite training — all add up to an overall value that can't be beaten. Dollar for dollar, the benefits of using an Online personal trainer far outweigh the cost. You get nearly all the benefits and tools for success you normally get with one-on-one, in-person training. Don't underestimate the power, simplicity and amazing results that can be achieved with this fun, effective new way to train.

Are you tired of exercise programs that simply aren't delivering results? Call or email me today and I'll help you bust the myths, discover the truth, and create a fitness and fat loss program that will give you the body you deserve.


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