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Personal Training

Fitness, fat loss, muscle building & muscle toning programs for men and women in Westchester & Dutchess County, New York & Fairfield County Connecticut.

1) Onsite Personal Training

If you live in Westchester, Putnam or Dutchess County, NY or Fairfield County, CT I will travel to your home, business or gym to work with you 1-on-1.

Call (845) 223-8168 for details!

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2) Online Training Programs

For trainees that live outside of my onsite training coverage areas, or whose schedules won't permit onsite training with me, I have an online training program where you and I can work together to achieve your goals.

Online training is the fastest growing segment of the entire fitness industry!

Online training programs consist of email consulting, daily workout plans, workout videos, workout logs, follow up and review, Q&A, meal plans & grocery lists — all in a web-based training and support platform.

There are over 1000 exercises and stretches with full motion, live-person video demo's. Each exercise goes through a vigorous review process, ensuring proper bio-mechanics and providing written instructions on how to perform it.

This is a very fun and cost-efective way to work with me.

Call (845) 223-8168 for details!

Fit Clubs

Fit Clubs are the perfect solution for men & women on a limited training budget or for folks who live outside of my geographical area who want specialized coaching.

Fit clubs consist of weekly teleseminars with Q&A, email consulting, nutrition tips and exercise guidance specific to each club's objectives.

Club membership includes use of my web-based training and support platform.

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Bob Thomson's
Abs Secrets
Inner Circle



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Total Body Makeover Club



Call (845) 223-8168 for details!

Lifestyle Coaching

Are you are an emotional eater? Do you make poor food choices? Do you binge?

Do you find yourself eating to escape stress, eating out of boredom, eating to celebrate, eating because you "deserve" it, or just to change your mood?

Are you a yo-yo dieter looking for the next great weight loss scheme to give you more control over your weight and body?

Many people use food and dieting as a way of coping with stress and emotions.

Unfortunately this kind of coping whips you back and forth between feeling good and bad.

There are better ways to to feel good about yourself and about your life.

I should know, I was an emotional eater for years until I discovered a simple way to stop the insanity.

My lifestyle coaching program will show you how to take healthy control over your eating habits, your mind and your emotions, allowing you to lose weight and improve your health, fitness and self-confidence like never before.

Call (845) 223-8168 for details!

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