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       Stop Sugar Cravings to Lose Weight

Stop Sugar Cravings Dead!

By Bob Thomson, Certified Personal Trainer & Body Transformation Expert

5 Helpful Tips to Eliminate Sugar Cravings...

1. Always have water available to drink. Drinking water fills your stomach and gives you a feeling of satiety (no hunger) without eating. If you have a hard time drinking 8 glasses per day, substitute some of your water by drinking one or two 8-ounce glasses of skim milk.

2. Don't starve yourself! Try to eat every 3-4 hours and keep total carbs below 75 grams per day. You may have to go lower than 75 grams of carbohydrates.

3. When you feel the carbohydrate cravings hit, go to the health club if you can, do some housework or simply take a walk or hop on the treadmill. This is especially helpful if you eat out of stress or anger. A good and obvious course of action, would be to begin an exercise program.

4. Try to exercise at least 2-3 days per week without letting it pinch your work and family life. Remind yourself that you will look and feel great for doing it and that you are preventing many health problems when you lose weight and stay fit. Your healthy weight is a "gift that keeps giving" to you and your family.

5. Lack of time is a limiting factor in most lifestyles today and often prevents people from exercising and eating right. When you need an edge or extra help controlling your sugar cravings to lose weight, a GI Patch (Glycemic Index patch) can be extremely powerful in achieving fast and healthy weight loss. If you love carbs and hate dieting, the GI Patch is the closest thing to "effortless weight loss".

Eliminate Sugar Cravings for Weight Loss


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